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Everyone loves a good story with a long tradition, but at some point story must be created. So the story of Imperial Chateau begins few years ago and We are determined to make it good and long enough to become tradition.


The Cane Corso, also known as the Italian Mastiff, is a breed of dog which has its origin in Italy. The Cane Corso is viewed as a prestigious companion. In contrary to the image that their athletic build creates, they are quite docile and loving. But they can also turn into furious guards.

The history of the Cane Corso can be traced back to the Roman times. The literal meaning of their name is “bodyguard”. During World War II, they were close to extinction but were revived. They have very strong instincts that make them fierce protectors.

Cane Corso dogs have a majestic personality. They are considered the “bodyguard dogs”. They are always prepared for a new challenging task. They are the perfect dogs for the family. But they also have the tendency to become aggressive in case of maltreatment. It is important for them to socialize, and it’s equally important to spend time on their own to build confidence.

Cane Corso dogs are quite submissive and perfect family dogs. However, if you are having a dog for the first time or if you are inexperienced as a dog owner, Cane Corso dogs are not recommended for you. It can turn out to be aggressive in case it is not trained properly. Hence, it is very important to begin their training as early as possible. It also needs to socialize with others in order to avoid being hostile. They do not prefer staying alone. Cane Corso dogs are very loyal. 

We know that the efficiency of a Cane Corso dog can be optimized by training. They are easily trainable too. Right from the moment you bring the Cane Corso home, make the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors clear. You can start the training by yourself with basic commands like “sit”, “stand,” etc. Let them know unacceptable behavior by sternly saying “No”. Do not resort to violence with them.

Cane Corso is the perfect embodiment of all the good traits that are equated to a dog. It is quiet, safe around children, and loves them. It is a sensitive dog that always has an air of seriousness. They are noble and fiercely protective of their family. They love their family. Cane Corso dogs are smart and easily trainable. They are confident and always up for challenges. Docile yet majestic, this is all one could ask for in a dog. It is in the hands of the pet parents to take good care of the Cane Corso and groom and nurture it further. In a nutshell, Cane Corso dogs are strong-willed dogs by nature who takes their own responsibility seriously.
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